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US Considers To Extend Laptop Ban On All International Flights

There has been a real, sophisticated threat due to which US is  thinking of spreading out its laptop ban on all global flights both incoming and outgoing as per John Kelly the Secretary of Homeland Security

There has been terrorism warnings relating to bombs concealed in big electronic devices therefore Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said that passengers might not be allowed to carry laptops in the airplane cabins in any flight departing or arriving from US.

When Kelly was asked about it by Fox News he said US might ban laptops on all worldwide flights. He said that various threats have come relating to flying. This is what terrorists are fanatical about, to attack a US plane. So the threat is absolutely real.

He further informed that US is working with allies to fight this threat and is increasing its aviation security much high. There are better technologies that are being relied upon to ensure security and safety in the country.

Moreover the bags passengers carry would also go through deep scrutiny, especially those that feel overfilled and jumbled.

Kelly described that more the bags are stuffed the less Transport Security Administration can tell what is in the bags in the monitors. Kelly said that they are working on plans and technologies through which they can ensure security without making life difficult for the passenger.

In various airports through screening the officials ask the travellers to take out extra things from their carry-on bags for discreet monitoring. This might be extended to all airports in the country as per Kelly.

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The gravity of the situation can be understood by another statement by Kelly who said that if people knew the extreme threats US is getting they would prefer to stay at home all the time.

Initially USA and UK had banned laptop from Middle East and other Muslim majority countries. The passengers were asked to keep large electronic devices in the luggage as it was not permitted on the airplane cabins. Now the way it might be extended to all flights clearly points out the severity of the issue.

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