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Apple Is Working On A New Processor For AI Tasks

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Bloomberg has reported that Apple’s Siri, virtual assistant might get boost in the near future because, it is working on a new processor which will specifically designed and dedicated for AI related tasks, the AI chip known as “Apple Neural Engine” will help improve how Siri worked previously in facial and speech recognition.

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The new chipset, as it will be dedicated to AI tasks would reduce the load on primary chipsets and motion processors. Resulting in lightning fast performance battery saving.

Bloomberg was told by an expert, familiar with Apple’s plans that new processor might handle facial recognition in photos, some speech recognition and predictive keyboard. Apple might give processor access to developers in the future, the main reason for doing this is to manage the work load on chips, and developers might take the load off of their apps from base processor to Apple’s Neural Engine.

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Since artificial intelligence is available in different products and platforms, Apple might add dedicated processor for all iPhones, iPads etc. Apple Neural Engine would also face competition in the market, Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 SoC also have dedicated modules for AI based tasks.

Apple is currently testing its Neural Engine with newer iPhone models, including iPhone 8. However, some reports suggest that this technology may not be completely available this year.

Apple recently has acquired AI startup Lattice.io, and now you can expect more innovations in AI related products and services by the company. Apple acquired this AI startup for $200 million.