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USB-C Upgrade To Provide Power 240W In Future For Gaming Laptops

USB-C Laptop

It is already possible to supply a laptop with power via USB-C, but only if the device is equipped with energy-saving hardware. But that will soon change because the revision to USB-C 2.1 will soon support 240W instead of 100W as before.

Currently, all those who expect or require more performance from their laptop cannot avoid using an external power supply unit with a barrel connector. This is particularly impractical because you always have to drag an additional large and heavy part with you to the laptop. But that will change in the near future: As Cnet reports, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), i.e. the industry group responsible for the technology, has announced and presented the USB Type-C revision with the number 2.1.

The central innovation is the support of up to 240 watts via USB-C. This essentially means that the power supply potential will be more than doubled and that in the future it will be possible to operate many hardware or energy-hungry gaming laptops with a simple USB cable.

Extended Power Range

According to the official USB-IF information, the whole thing is called Extended Power Range (EPR). With the revision for the latest version (Type C) of Universal Serial Bus, this type of connection may take the final step towards a truly universal cable.

Because USB has its beginnings in the simple connection of keyboards, mice, printers, and the like and was gradually improved or the data rates could be increased. Finally, the topic of power supply was addressed and it was now possible to advance this by increasing it to 240 watts.

Cables that support Extended Power Range will in the future be marked accordingly with a special icon (and will also require new chargers). However, this does not mean the end of the story. Because there are also gaming-focused notebooks whose power consumption exceeds 240 watts. They will therefore continue to have to resort to the classic power supply solution.