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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 With AMD Ryzen 5000H Processor Coming June 1

Mi Notebook Pro 15

Xiaomi officially announced today that the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Ryzen Edition will be pre-sold at 10 am on May 24, and the first regular sale will start at 0:00 on June 1 in China.

According to the news previously announced by Xiaomi, the Mi Notebook Pro 15 Ryzen Edition uses a new generation of AMD Ryzen 5000H series 45W standard high-performance processors. At the CES 2021 conference in early 2021, AMD officially released its 5000 series of mobile processors, which also use the Zen 3 architecture of 7nm process technology as the desktop.

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In terms of performance, it is compared with the previous generation of Ryzen 4000 mobile processors. , Ryzen 5000 mobile processor single-threaded performance increased by up to 23%, multi-threaded performance increased by 17%. Moreover, the L3 cache capacity, which is crucial to gamers, has been directly doubled, from 8MB to 16MB, which greatly improves the game performance. The nuclear display continues to use Vega8 based on GCN 5.0.

Mi Notebook Pro 15 Ryzen Edition also uses the same master screen as the Intel version. Each master screen has been precisely adjusted one by one and has a unique number.