Users can now use the new Netflix rate tool to express their thoughts on the content

According to some fresh pieces of information, the rating feature on Netflix is undergoing a few changes. Although the feature might sound new, it has been around for quite some time now. Netflix uses user ratings to better understand users’ likes and dislikes.

Users can utilize the rating feature and like or dislike the content on the platform. In the past, the feature was accessible either before or after viewing the content through the title page indicating that the users were required to view the content first and then rate it. As of now, it is changing. Users can now rate content while viewing it on the platform.

A new method to interact with the content

Netflix is home to around 5,400 movies and TV shows. Streamers get content recommendations either from suggestions or Netflix’s algorithm. The algorithm predicts the content based on the watch history of the user. The rating further helps the algorithm get an understanding of a user’s preferences. With the new features, users can now rate the content at any time, be it before, after, or during watching the content.

In order to provide streamers with this capability, Netflix will add the rate buttons (like and dislike) to the video-playing interface. With this tool in hand, streamers are able to give a rating, either positive so they can continue watching or the opposite and leave at once. The new feature is now rolling out to Android as well as iOS users. The new feature will arrive as part of an app update from the App Store or Play Store. It is one of the areas where the company is introducing changes to benefit its own business as well as its consumers across the globe.  

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