Netflix Games To Start Soon On TVs

Streaming service Netflix started investing in games a while ago, but until now these games have only been available on mobile. So far, the titles have not been playable on his actual home base, the television – but that should change soon.

There are now more than 60 games on Netflix

Almost everyone smiled at Netflix’s gaming plans at first, but the streaming service now has a more than decent collection of games to offer. Netflix currently has more than 60 games available, including some top-class titles like Into the Breach, Oxenfree, and Terra Nile.

The main problem with it is: Too many users do not access it. There are probably several reasons for this. So many don’t even know that it’s included in their Netflix subscription, since the games can’t be played directly via the app, but the detour via a Play Store download is required. Some traditional gamers are likely to avoid the games because they are mobile games.

So it’s not surprising that Netflix is ​​planning to bring the games to TV as well. The first indications emerged in March that the Los Gatos-based company is preparing an app that offers a virtual smartphone controller.

The app called Netflix Game Controller has now actually been discovered by 9to5Mac and can now be downloaded regularly from the App Store (we have not been able to find it in the Play Store so far). In the app description, you can already read what Netflix is ​​aiming for: “Coming soon to Netflix. Play games on your TV with the Netflix Game Controller. This game controller app is paired with your TV and allows you to play with your Phone or mobile device to play games on Netflix.”

At the moment, however, the app is still largely useless, because you can’t play anything with it yet. No wonder, because the games have not yet been released or implemented for Smart TVs. It probably won’t last too long though.

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