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Users On iOS 15.0 Cannot Downgrade The Software

Apple has decided not to sign the iOS version 15.0, which is no longer the latest. This means that iPhone users with a more recent build lack the option to revert to the version. However, this also shows that iOS 15.0.1 is considered stable.

The current iOS version 15.0.1 was released on October 1st. The biggest innovation is the correction of a bug that prevented unlocking with the Apple Watch. As iMore reports, Apple stopped signing the previous version yesterday. This means that it is no longer possible to install iOS 15.0 on an iPhone via official channels.

A few days ago Apple announced that iOS 14.7.1 will no longer be signed with immediate effect. In addition to iOS 15.0.1, only iOS 14.8 can be installed on current iPhones.

Procedure is carried out regularly

It is by no means unusual for Apple to stop signing iOS versions that are no longer up-to-date. After the launch of a new build, the previous version is only signed so that iPhone owners can downgrade in the event of an error. If it turns out that the update does not cause any problems, the signature of the last version is set. The setting of the signature of iOS 15.0 shows that iOS 15.0.1 is considered stable and the risk of errors is rated as relatively low.

The developers of the mobile operating system are currently working on the new iOS version 15.1. Only recently Apple offered the third beta build for download. So the final release shouldn’t be too long in coming. Once iOS 15.1 has been released, users will still have a few days to downgrade to iOS 15.0.1. The signature of this version should then also be set.

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