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Uzma Yousaf Becomes The First Pakistani Woman To Reach Spantik Peak

History was made on Wednesday when for the first time a Pakistan woman, Uzma Yousaf reached the 7,027-metre high Spantik peak. The mountain peak is located in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Uzma Yousaf was elated as she reached the peak and carried Pakistan’s flag to the top of Spantik. She rejoiced by saying that Pakistani’s are looking forward to celebrating 70th Independence Day and my joy has doubled as I have achieved this milestone for my country.

The team members of Yousaf were Wajidullah Nagri, Asghar Hussain, and Yaseen.

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Uzma Yousaf’s climbing career has just started.She is a 43-year-old woman, who climbed to Mingling Sar, 6,050-metre in October last year. Other than that she has just hiked to Mushkpuri peak and Ratti Gali.

Talking about her journey, she said it was tough, the snow was a hurdle but they successfully completed their mission. She said that it proves that being determined and embracing challenges will eventually make your dreams come true.

The husband of Uzma expressed his joy through a Facebook post


The Polish climbers also attempted to scale K2 but due to bad weather, they had to drop the plan.