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Firefox New Tool Lets you Send Files Up To 1GB From Any Browser

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Mozilla has recently launched few new tools, that are quite handy for internet users, the one which is been talked about a lot is secure file sharing, named “Firefox Send” the tool can take 1GB files from your computer and send them straight away to other over the internet.

The tool generates a link to download files which you can send to the receiver, the link only works once. The encrypted file which is stored on Mozilla’s network is wiped immediately after the download is completed or after 24 hours if the download is pending, according to Mozilla.

“Firefox Send” is a web application which can be used by any browser, However, Firefox usually requires Test Pilot add-on to work.

Its an easy drag and drop interface, after opening “Send” in the browser you will drag the file on upload area which will give you a link with the private key for sending.

You may need to update Firefox browser to use “Send”, it also works with latest Chrome browser however, support for Safari and Edge is in progress.

Send was initially designed to support files up to 2GB, but the recent tests caused browsers crashing, it will not work with the browsers that haven’t implemented Web Crypto API, a W3C Javascript API which handles some of the cryptographic functions on web applications. Mozilla also said many mobile browsers may not adopt the specifications quickly.

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The Web Crypto API is used to encrypt and decrypt files in the browser, this means the files are encrypted to Mozilla server which can be accessed and viewed by Mozilla any time, could be a security concern for many.

Two more tools launched by Pilot Test Team are Voice Fill and Notes, Voice fill tool uses voice for search in major search engines including Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Simple single page notepad is positioned on the Brower’s side bar, can be really handy for users who always refer to notes while browsing.

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