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V Rising Game Crossed 1 Million Sales in 7 Days

Studios Just a week after release, developer Stunlock announces that it has crossed the $1 million sales mark with its latest vampire title. Stunlock then brings the patch with the ability to play the game offline.

Developers surprised with sales

After about a week of early access release, the new vampire game V Rising has sold a million on Steam, as developer and publisher Stunlock Studios announced on Twitter. Stunlock’s Community Manager Jeremy Fielding states: to IGN admit that no one on the development team expected such a huge rush for the game. In fact, in terms of sales, V Rising relegated the Steam Deck to second place on the Steam map after Valve’s handheld topped the list a few months earlier.

Since May 17, 2022, the vampire game is available as early access for about 20 euros on Steam. V Rising offers a wide range of game concepts: The open game world of the vampire game includes survival, crafting and building elements among other things. In addition, there is a hack and slash combat system. Fielding joked about the wide range of game concepts:

People just want to play. When you just hear about the concept, it’s really hard to understand what it is. We have a pretty unique game that is hard to explain – we say dark fantasy vampire survival action RPG – and when you say there are a million different things your brain can do with it. I think it’s only really processed when you see or feel it.
Stunlock’s Community Manager Jeremy Fielding

Gamers seem to like the colorful mix as the game is rated “very positively” on Steam with over 14,500 player reviews – a total of about 88 percent of players, therefore, stated that they would recommend V Rising. Additionally, the title saw a record high of 150,000 players playing the title simultaneously on Steam on Sunday.

Playable without internet

Now, with the latest patch, the developer is giving players the oft-requested option to play offline. Unlike before, players no longer need an internet connection to play the game. The patch should also allow for cooperative offline play so that it is possible to play locally via LAN with a fellow vampire, which requires the player to set up their own local server.

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