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VEON vs WhatsApp: Which is better service in Pakistan?

WhatsApp is the leading social media chatting app in the world, with over 1 billion users in 180 countries.

VEON is a new, different and interesting telecommunication service in the world with 214 million users in 18 countries around the world.

Both the apps are from different eras if one can be named experienced the other is a breath of fresh air. Let’s compare both these Apps.



  • Over 1 billion active users worldwide. Strong position in the market
  • Everyone can download WhatsApp, you don’t have to be a jazz customer to use the app
  • Many interesting features, from status update that remain on your App till you change to a 24/hr. status of what you are currently doing


  • It does not offer free calling on data package. You need to have balance in your phone for calls via 3g/4g network
  • In a week after VEON’s release, WhatsApp lost is top free app position on Play Store and App store in Pakistan. VEON became the top free app on both these platforms



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  • A complete internet platform offering all basic services needed in a chatting app. Users can connect with their friends, family and share photos, videos, audio messages, and location with others.
  • If you have VEON, you don’t need any other social media chatting app on your phone


  • The services and offers by VEON in Pakistan are just for Jazz customers. NOT for all network users
  • The app is new and it has its limitation specifically in the number of subscribers
  • Its position in the market and around the world is not yet as strong as of WhatsApp. It will take time, patience and more features by the App developers for it to reach that point where WhatsApp stands today