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Viber’s Recent Update Would Permit Users to Form a Group with 1bn Members

Recently, Viber has introduced a new option in its group feature. The latest update would be permitting the users to form a group with 1bn members.

Viber keeps on introducing new features on its platform for making it more user-friendly and competent with the rival apps.

With the launch of Viber communities, the messaging application has become the first in the world to provide chat space where nearly one billion users could interact and exchange messages.

The feature has not yet been verified. The app owners also informed about the introduction of new monetization features. These new features would permit the community owners to expand revenue as they develop their groups. This means that Viber users could make use of this feature for expanding businesses.

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The community of more than one billion members could be created by any Viber user and could be used for any purpose. For example, these communities could be used for managing fan clubs, sports, gaming or travelling. There are tons of features that the Viber users could use in the community, some of these are as follows:

  • Pinned Messages—Group admins could pin a message at the top of the chat for all the group members to see
  • Unlimited Members—community admins could add unlimited members, like up to one billion in the community
  • Complete Chat History—every new community member would be able to see the complete chat history whenever they join the group
  • One Tap joining—the public group communities could simply be joined by just clicking on them

The new Viber Communities is already present in the latest version of the messaging application.

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