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VIP’s Can Now Skip Airport Queues-Delta Airline Partnering With A Startup

Delta Airline reportedly partnering with Blade a company can be classed as “Uber for helicopters” to provide customers with on-demand elite transportation services. This would be a fastest way to travel to John F. Kennedy Airport. According to Business Insider, Blade has three lounges in Manhattan, pessengers between its designated locations can travel to JFK airport in just 10 minutes.

The service starts with minimum $195 and increases depending on destination and distance, users will book a seat in one of the helicopters provided by the company to travel. Delta will also charge $250 on top to make the process even faster and efficient.

The service is currently operating in JFK airport on and off, Blade customers who are travelling to JFK airport will be greeted by a member of Delta Elite Services team, who will handle customer’s luggage and escort the customers to their seat after expedited screening process. On the other hand if a Blade user is arriving at JFK, Delta’s team member will be there to collect luggage and take the customer to the vehicle operated by Blade. The vehicle then takes the member to the helicopter.

The service is obviously not for everyone, every airline and every airport. The customers have to be traveling on Delta airlines plus traveling to or from JFK airport. If you are travelling to on Delta and going to Manhattan from JFK airport then you might consider flying with Blade to Manhattan.

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