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Twitter Live Video Broadcast Is Planned To Be Released Soon

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Well, Social News Giant is making it more look like a media channel, Twitter plans to consume your time even more with live broadcast feature 24 hours a day.

While talking to BuzzFeed, Twitter COO and CFO Antony Noto said, the company is planning to broadcast live video content covering news, entertainment and sports 24/7 and 7 days a week.

Noto haven’t disclosed specific date when Twitter will start this live video feature, but he mentioned it would take some time to ramp and go live. He also mentioned that Twitter is working on the range of programs to fill the always-on Twitter TV.

He also revealed, “We are working on many things, “There is a lot in the pipeline””

Twitter is appearing in an event next week where media companies show their programs to advertisers, Twitter will also disclose those many things in that event. Noto says, you might get rolling news networks and always-on sports channels on Twitter TV at the end.

Noto didn’t unveil too many details about Twitter’s exact plans, but timing is crucial, his comments on Twitter live coming the same month when Twitter lost bidding against Amazon for the rights to stream Thursday Night NFL games, the deal was worth $50 million.

Twitter is not alone who is focusing on streaming live videos, Amazon already stream some programs and Facebook also planning to dip into Social TV. Previously Facebook announced that it is making Apps for Set Top Boxes SBT’s where people would be able to watch live videos and even comment in real time.

Facebook in a sense moving more smartly than Twitter, if you have to watch Live TV then why use Twitter? Despite the fact it would engage more users, consume their larger portion of time on twitter and open up opportunities for advertisements but still the amalgamation between the right content for the right place looks ambiguous. Facebook on contrary choosing the right content for the right place which is TV itself.

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