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Virgin Australia Offers WiFi Service In Domestic and International Flights

Virgin Australia has recently announced that it will roll out in-flight WIFI services on more than 90% of its international and domestic flights.

The company is planning to equip most of Boeing 737 and all the Boeing 777 with state-of-the-art satellite technology in order to facilitate fast speed internet services by the end of 2018. The Airbus A330s will be furnished with the technology by mid-2019.

There are currently 8 airlines that offer free WIFI to its customers including; Emirates, Qatar Airways, JetBlue Airways, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Air China, China Eastern and Nok Air while, there are nine other airlines that offer paid WIFI service to its customers. These airlines are; Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Aer Lingus, Southwest Airlines and Finnair.

Though Qatar Airlines offer first 15 minutes free and thereafter charge for the service and JetBlue Airways offer paid service for premium WIFI.

While explaining the free and paid services, Virgin Australia’s CEO John Borghetti said, the passengers on domestic flights would be able to enjoy free basic level WIFI, also the airlines would be the first Australian to offer in-flight WIFI service on international flights, however free WIFI will not apply to international flights, he added.

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There would be two tiers pricing on paid WIFI service, the real difference between tiers would be the speed.

The company has not disclosed any pricing structure yet and the speeds they will provide. Virgin has successfully completed 3 months trial of in-flight WIFI and got feedback from customers with the higher level of satisfaction.

The WIFI service will be provided in cooperation with Gogo a connectivity company and Optus a satellite telecommunications provider.