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Baidu, Wechat and Weibo social media platforms under investigation

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According to the sources, China’s top social media platforms including giant search engine are being probed for alleged violation of cyber security laws in China—BBC reported.

China’s cyberspace administration officials claimed that the three platforms had failed to tackle content on their sites that has to be policed. The administration said people are using these platforms to spread rumours, hatred, terrorism related views and obscenities.

All that is interlinked with national security, the breaches could lead to perilling national security, the administration said.

Chinese firms do realize the cyber security amid increasing demand in cyber insurance lately.

Chinese censorship is already vigorous, the messaging app Wechat, the micro-blogging site Weibo and the search engine Baidu owned internet forum all attract hundreds and millions of users in China,

Chinese people share their stories, ideas and opinions just like everyone else does on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook in other parts of the world, but the difference is; Chinese authorities heavily censor the internet and these applications by blocking content, searches and removing posts that are considered sensitive.

China also restricts foreign social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from entering into their country.

Google is also blocked in China including many foreign media and news sites, the Chinese government is now tightening the cyber security and putting more restrictions on internet firms before the sensitive Communist Party Congress.

China has also clamped down on users who try to use back doors to access foreign outlets using VPNs. Recently, the authorities have announced to start blocking all the VPNs in the country.

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