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Vivo and iQOO will merge as a cost-preventive measure

It is common for tech companies to implement cost-cutting measures these days. We have been hearing about such measures for quite some time. Various tech companies have adopted job cuts and laid off hundreds and thousands of employees. Recently, Meta announced another major laying off. Besides this, some companies have closed down the nonprofitable arms of their businesses. Now we have come across another company that is going to adopt a merger with its sub-division as a cost-prevention measure.

It is the Vivo company. Recently, the company announced that soon the sub-brand of the company i.e., iQOO will be merged with the main business of Vivo. In this way, the company could lessen operating costs and boost efficiency. Well, this merger doesn’t indicate that everything is positive and good. Of course, with this merger, some of the workers will lose their jobs.

Notably, Vivo and iQOO share the same research and development, supply chain, and nearly every resource. Even the software of smartphones of both brands is similar. However, both have different marketing and distribution channels. Besides this, Vivo and iQOO had separate units for planning, media targeting, and e-commerce strategies until now.

In addition to this, Vivo management has taken the decision to close down the stores and counters of iQOO. With this new move, iQOO will become a regular lineup within Vivo’s portfolio.