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Vivo Might Introduce Its Own Vivo Chip And Vivo SoC In Future

Vivo X21i

Vivo has recently registered two different trademarks in China which exposes the company’s plans in the future. According to a recent report from the Chinese blog, the company has registered “Vivo chip” and “Vivo SoC” trademarks.

Like Samsung and Huawei as well as Apple that produces their own homegrown chips in order to bring competitiveness to their devices the companies have been quite successful in their cause. Vivo is trying the same thing with its own homegrown chips.

According to the screenshots, the two trademarks registered by Vivo are “Vivo chip” and “Vivo SoC”, the application date is September 2019. The two trademarks will be used in areas such as central processors, modems, smartphones, computer chips, microchips, biochip sensors, printed circuits, chip cards, computer storage devices, and so on.

It is understood that Vivo will not learn from Huawei, Samsung, Apple, and other manufacturers to develop chips from scratch but to jointly customize a chip with other mobile phone manufacturers. In fact, the Samsung Exynos 980 chip built into the Vivo X30 was jointly developed by Vivo and Samsung. We may see more such chips in the future.

But ultimately, it seems Vivo would try to gain more experience in the chips and SoCs and introduce its own standalone chips or SoCs that could also broaden the spectrum of its chip technology.

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