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Warning: Chrome Will Stop Working On Older Computers Soon

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As of the upcoming version, Google’s Chrome browser will no longer work with various older computers. The developers are cancelling support for various processors that are now getting on in the days.

As can be seen from a document from the development team, in future it will be assumed that the processor of the computer used supports at least the SSE3 instruction set. If this is not the case, Chrome will simply crash from the upcoming version 89. Before that, the developers actually want to intercept the installation of this variant in the installer, but it was said that it could also stop operating.

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In any case, this would only work on Windows systems. However, the Chrome versions for macOS and Linux also lose support for the older processors. And these come without an in-house installer. In addition, the end of support is already created in the Chromium code, which is also used in many other applications from other manufacturers. Here, users of current versions should already receive warnings that they are approaching the end of hardware support.

However, users who are affected by the problem also use really old computers and operating systems. For example, Windows no longer supported hardware in version 7 that is now no longer available for cooperation with Chrome. So if you use Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, you should be on the safe side.

But there are still users who, for example, still have a 15-year-old PC on which Chrome is sometimes used. First and foremost, older Atom and Pentium systems are concerned, but early Intel Core CPUs also managed without SSE3. Intel began shipping processors with SSE3 support in 2003, while AMD took two years longer.

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