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Warning: Online Scam luring users to buy adult toys

Warning for all users, an online scam has started. Users are lured and trapped to buy adult toys. After they buy it horrific blackmailing starts.

In order to captivate users’ attention, appealing pictures of beautiful models along with fascinating messages are sent to them on social media platforms including WhatsApp.

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Then once the message is opened by the user, it is hard to ignore especially for youngsters.

A local university student, Zulfiqar said, “I received a message on my WhatsApp regarding a product claiming to boost sexual health. I opened it and it was full of adult products, we only see in adult magazines. I ordered one and paid Rs4,000 but the article was never delivered.”

Furthermore, he said that his friends also ordered adult toys from different stores but they were of cheap quality.

Zulfiqar’s friend bought a silicone doll and paid Rs16,000 for it but just received a cheap quality doll.

The student informed that as internet users have increased, many adult stores have opened up.

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Pakistan broadband users have surpassed 51 million and there are 31 million active online users in the country. As Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is growing, blackmailers, fraudsters, and imposters are looking for ways to infiltrate youngsters of Pakistan.

Majority of the e-commerce transactions in Pakistan are based on the cash-on-delivery model. This is how fraudsters are taking advantage of the people. Many stores have full details available online of each and every adult products. Users are asked to fill the form to buy a product.  Reportedly some of the users were threatened that if they don’t pay as asked, the store representatives will inform about their purchase to their parents.

Those who were willing to open up about this blackmail didn’t know who to complain.

An anonymous user said, “Despite repeated attempts, I failed to lodge my complaint to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.”

Police and FIA were ruled out because of social issues. So after getting blackmailed for months he finally told his parents that his account got hacked and that hacker ordered some adult products from his account. The parents were quite supportive of it.

The anonymous user demanded that these illegal stores are banned by the relevant authorities and fraudsters are arrested.