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Study Reveals Just One Hour on Social Media Can Ruin Your Sleep

Social media known and assumed to be the future of the digitized world could be the leading cause of growing health concerns.

As per the latest studies, one hour a day on the social media sites and apps could disrupt the sleeping pattern. The study was conducted by the Canadian researchers they wrote in their report that the study was conducted to assess why a huge number of young people are finding it difficult to sleep for straight eight hours.

They found that the major or basic issue behind this problem was social media—the ones who spend sixty minutes a day on any social website or app may that be Facebook or WhatsApp, or Snapchat find more difficulty in sleeping than the ones who do not.

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The more the time spent on these sites and apps the lesser the chance to get proper sleep.

The study revealed that young girls mostly teenagers were more addicted to the social media usage hence they are the ones most sleep deprived, but it affects boys the same.

The researchers believe that the findings are significant as social media has grown extensively and quickly, children and teenagers are more prone to using the new technology hence they are the ones to get most affected by the bad impacts of the technology. These developed and combined bad attributes remain with them as they mature into adults.

The study was published in the journal of Acta Paediatrica.

Earlier studies revealed that poor sleep patterns have a connection with poor academic performances and the ones most sleep deprived were mostly older teens, boys and the ones who did less exercise or had weak mental health.

Dr Jean-Philippe Chaput—a Senior Author of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute explained that sleep is a mandatory element for the healthy development and is a major contributor for physical and mental health.

Since last few decades, insufficient sleep has become common among the youngsters and the causes have been associated to the caffeine intake, artificial light, no bedtime set routine in the household and the excessive accessibility to the information and communication technology.

The study was done on five thousand two hundred and forty-two students aged between eleven and twenty who took part in the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey. The study was done to determine the relationship between social media use and sleeping patterns.

The obtained percentages of the study conducted are as follows:

Boys that have sufficient sleep51.4%
Boys with insufficient sleep59.6%
Girls that have sufficient sleep 48.6%
Girls with insufficient sleep67.9%

Overall 73.4% pupils reported that they use social media at least one hour daily.

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