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Wear OS smartwatches to receive key software updates every year

 A few days ago, google introduced the Pixel Watch. With Wear OS devices, Galaxy Watches are considered the best Android watches. But certainly, the Pixel Watch is another addition to the list for smartwatch buyers.  Undoubtedly the release of the Pixel Watch holds immense significance for Wear OS since OS was a joint venture with Samsung initiated last year. An exciting update for Wear OS has now been released.       

Björn Kilburn, the director of product management for Wear OS, in a talk with Wired, shared that Google intends to introduce new and latest versions of Wear OS per year. These updates and versions will be like the ones we have with our smartphones. Thus, indicating that Wear OS owners will now enjoy the latest firmware updates every year.                                                       

Though it is uncertain whether the annual update implies taking Wear OS 3.0 to Wear OS 3.5 or to Wear OS 4.0 as this trend has been observed for Galaxy and Pixel watches for the following year. However, the news of annual updates by Google might be because the company aims to make sure that the latest features are introduced for smartwatch buyers as well.

As stated by 9to5Google, Kilburn mentions that the updates will bring in new and enhanced experiences all around the year. This statement signifies the updated features for both Pixel Watch as well as Android watches. In contrast, the updates for Wear OS 3 lie in the responsibility of watch manufacturers rather than google.