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Web Browser Edge still the best according to Microsoft

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When Microsoft released data of comparing their web browser Edge to other browsers, nobody thought that it would instigate a debate that would continue for so long. In response to Microsoft’s claims of battery drainage Google Chrome updated its browser to Chrome 53. Chrome 53 has a good metal design and better efficiency which means that it consumes less battery power. Microsoft Edge still holds onto the stance of being a better web browser than its competitors. Today, Microsoft released new digits based on the latest release of Edge in the Windows Anniversary release.

Web browser Edge outperforms Firefox by 62%

Microsoft has been pushing its web browser Edge as the most efficient one for quiet a while. In the data by Microsoft, Edge still is better than the competitors in the market which also includes Opera web browser with its power saving mode turned on.

In the previous accusations made by Microsoft relating the battery draining capacity of other browsers only Chrome responded.

Microsoft claims that Edge is not only faster and scoring the best on JavaScript benchmarks but it is also energy efficient. Running Edge browser on laptop or computers will not drain the battery quickly.

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Microsoft simulated tests to see which browser is the best and results show that Edge is 12% more efficient at rendering pages. Edge was deemed the best performing browser and after it Google Chrome. Opera 39 and Firefox were not that better performing. It seems that Firefox is the browser that consumes more energy and can make your PC lag. In streaming videos it seems that Edge outperformed Firefox by 62 percent in the tests.

The developers of Edge claim that it can make user PC last 23 to 69 percent longer as compared to other browsers. GitHub has the source code for Microsoft’s testing suite, as reported by TechCrunch. The tests however do not include data for Safari.

Image via Tech Crunch