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weMessage—A New App That Allows iMessages on Android

As it’s a known fact that there is no existing way to access Apple’s closed messaging system, iMessages on a non-iOS or Android gadget. However, in recent past, an application has been made that could give iMessages on an Android device.

The app is created by a sixteen-year-old developer, Roman Scott. The app is named as “weMessage” and allows the users to get iMessages on Android devices, but with a restriction which is for using the app, Apple’s Mac is needed.

Scott mentioned though the app is here still the gap between Apple and Android has not filled completely as “weMessage” is reliant on an Apple computer for its usage.

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Scott explained that the new application uses a weServer application present in a Mac computer that takes iMessages delivered to Mac and then forwards them to an Android device. The weService serves as a bridge between Android and Mac.

No reverse engineering was incorporated in the making of this app, meaning all the messages being sent are within legal boundaries.  Scott also added that he believes the implementation of the app is justified as it would still be needing an Apple device for making the app functional.

weMessage could support all the iMessages features, including notifications, group chats, attachments, Do Not Disturb, content blocking and more. Notifications are turned on by sending messages to the Google Firebase platform.

However, as per the reports of Mac Rumors weMessage is not the kind of application that would last longer. Such procedures had already been presented in past and Apple later have shut them all. But, presently the app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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