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United States imposed a Federal ban on Kaspersky

If Moscow-based Company’s anti-virus product, Kaspersky wants to restore its relationship with the government of the United States these past months, then its efforts won’t works this time.

The President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump recently signed a defense policy bill which includes the government’s ban on using of anti-virus Kaspersky. However, United States already barred its Federal agencies from using the Moscow-based anti-virus back in September. After this bill, all US Federal agencies shall have to change anti-virus program if they haven’t changed yet.

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Kaspersky has been accused of working with Russian intelligence over the past year. The security firm has been facing much crisis after the accusations.

Israel told United States that its people observed Russian hackers break into the computers of National Security Agency (NSA) to abstract the secret data by using Kaspersky, New York Times report.

The cyber authorities of the United Kingdom have also warned its national agency against using Kaspersky.

The company once offered its source code available for review to retrieve its customers’ trust, but the government of the United States found that offer lacking. Kaspersky reportedly shutting down its office located in Washington DC after facing the crackdown by the government.

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