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We’re already hearing about the Apple Watch X, so forget the Apple Watch 9

Most likely in September 2023,  Apple will introduce the Apple Watch 9. But there are some rumors circulating on the internet regarding the successor of the Apple Watch. It is anticipated that the Apple Watch X will be bigger in contrast to the previous models.

The recent information is based on a tech research firm Omdia. David Hsieh, the analyst at Omdia, claims that Apple will introduce the Apple Watch X in two different sizes i.e., 1.89-inch and 2.04-inch sizes. In comparison, it is a jump from the previously presented 1.69-inch and 1.9-inch with the Apple Watch 8.

Besides the big sizes, the name is also interesting. Since it will match the Watch branding in line with the iPhone X that was introduced in 2017. Since the X represents the number 10 in Roman numerals.

In addition to this, the analyst has spilled the beans regarding Apple Watch SE 3. It is anticipated that the company will launch the Watch SE 3 in 2024 along with the Apple Watch X. well, the information suggests that Apple Watch 9 won’t be introduced with any size modifications. It will reportedly be launched in the same sizes as Apple Watch 8.

Furthermore, the source states that Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be unveiled in 2024. It will be presented with a 2.13-inch screen. Such news has already been in circulation. However, the source added some additional information to this. The analyst claims that it could be presented with a resolution of either 540 x 440 or 556 x 452. It will reportedly have a pixel density of around 325 pixels per inch. In comparison, the present Apple Watch Ultra is presented with a 1.92-inch 502 x 410 screen, having 338 pixels per inch.