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Bing With ChatGPT Preview Recorded 1 Million People on Waitlist in 48 Hours

Microsoft recently introduced a new version of Bing and it could revolutionize web search. Because the integration of the chatbot ChatGPT promises a completely new search experience. Many would like to try it, but there is a waiting list – and it is huge.

The chat AI ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI and largely financed by Microsoft, triggered real panic at the competitor Google because the search engine giant officially declared the internal red alert. This led to a rush to put together and present its own competitor called Bard. Probably too fast: Because with an official advertising video, Bard made an embarrassing mistake, which led to the company’s price crashing and Google’s value dropping by around 100 billion dollars.

Microsoft has come a long way, having already released Bing with ChatGPT. At least half of it: In order to be able to try out the feature, you need an invitation or activation. But the interest should be huge. After just a few days, there is a seven-digit waiting list, as Microsoft manager Yusuf Mehdi has announced.

One million prospects on Bing with ChatGPT

Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, wrote on Twitter: “We are overwhelmed and excited by the number of people who want to test the new AI-powered Bing! Within 48 hours more than a million people have signed up and added to the waiting list for the preview.”

It is not known how long it takes or could take before it is your turn. According to the Redmond company, however, there are ways to get further up the waiting list. Those who set various default values ​​on their computer on Microsoft products will be given preferential treatment.

This includes setting the default browser to Edge, setting Bing as the search engine, and MSN as the home page. You can also add websites recommended by Microsoft to your favorites, set a desktop shortcut to Microsoft Edge and download the Bing app for your smartphone.