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What is Pushing P On TikTok: Meaning Explained

Pushing P

Millions of viewers scroll TikTok on a daily basis to stay updated with the latest trends and videos. Recently, a weird Pushing P on Tiktok has started and has taken everybody by surprise. If you’re not sure what it is, then you are not alone. It gets hard to comprehend the many new features of TikTok that are available nowadays.

Launching a new music video on TikTok is one of its coolest features that are out there. One prominent feature recently released a track and requested viewers to guess what meaning there might have behind its lyrics! One such similar trend is “pushing p” on TikTok.

Despite this trend going viral, many people do not understand the meaning behind Pushing P. Many have just jumped on the bandwagon without knowing what it really is about. This article deep dives into understanding what “pushing p” on TikTok means.

What does Pushing p mean on TikTok?

The song ” Pushin P” by Gunna has been spreading across social media platforms with its catchy beat and witty lyrics. It is quickly spreading across social media platforms and many people are still unaware of what the song title means. There has been no shortage of videos containing this catchy phrase. 

Many people are confused about what “Pushin P” actually is. It is a song sung by a rapper called Gunna who is based in Atlanta. The song has been written in collaboration with Young Thug and Future. The track quickly went viral after its release. This phrase means different things in various regions throughout America, but people living in the Southern region of the USA know what that phrase means exactly!

Thankfully, Gunna revealed the meaning behind “Pushing P” on Twitter after he said it during an interview with The Breakfast Club. The letter ‘P’ actually stands for the player. Though there is no precise definition of “pushing P,” it generally means being honest and real. Generally speaking “Pushing P” means being honest and real which is a quality that is seen as positive because people like loyalty from their friends or family members who they can trust to be themselves without having any hidden agenda.”

Gunna’s take on Pushing “P”

Since there is confusion between what is and what is not considered as being “P”, Gunna took it to social media to explain what the meaning of the term entails. “When you jump into someone’s personal life without knowing what is going on, that isn’t being P” or “Jumping in a personal beef or situation when you don’t know anything about it,” he explained to his followers via Twitter and on Instagram Live videos as well!

Artists and rappers are now getting involved with fans easily. The increasing usage of TikTok helps bridge the gap between the fans and the artists. It can be seen by the fact that Gunna has begun clarifying exactly what his song is referring to. This was done since many of the users did not understand what this “pushing p” was all about. The phrase’s inherent virality on TikTok has meant that videos featuring the hashtag have been viewed millions of times. Gunna has even gotten in on the fun himself. He has been responding to certain popular videos to grade how accurately they used the term.

Is pushing P a viral thing on TikTok?

The amusing thing about TikTok is that after every few days, a new trend rises and takes all TikTokers by storm. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon to try and have some fun. The latest piece of viral slang that has gone mainstream is “pushing P.” This phrase was first used on TikTok and then later on also spread across social media sites such as Instagram. It has been a popular phrase in the Bay Area and Texas for decades. 

The term means to stay true, but according to Urban Dictionary entries from 2022, it didn’t take off on the Internet until recently when Gunna released his album DS4Ever (Drip Season Forever). TikTok users are using the Pushing P trend to make videos that are gaining a high engagement and viewership. This is one of the benefits of following the latest trend as everyone is searching about pushing P at the moment. 

The term pushing P has gone viral. Gunna has done live streams to explain to his fans what the term is all about. He explains examples of how to use positivity, including holding doors or fighting with your partner about money. This viral trend has led to people thinking this could even be an idea in which you help people understand positivity. In other words, it is about how to share happiness and positive vibes with other people.  

What do you need to know about the P emojis?

Many people are poking fun at how confusing Gunna fans sound while trying to explain the term. However, most of these 300k videos use “P” as a mystery phrase and TikTokers’ desperation for understanding what this means in their lives. TikTok users have a variety of different emojis they use when commenting on videos.  People are using it as an easy method to make their pictures viral. 

TikTok is all about using emojis. In other words, people will think of your videos as dull and uninteresting. For instance: one particular person on TikTok said in one of the comments below their video that: the “P” emoji isn’t learned – it’s understood. 


The “Pushing P” trend on TikTok is a trend that has gone viral. However, the trend is confusing many people about what it means. Gunna’s song “Pushin P” has been written in collaboration with Young Thug and Future, and the letter ‘P’ actually stands for the player. There is no precise definition of “pushing P.” It generally means being honest and real. Pushing P is a positive quality which means loyalty from friends and family members who people can trust to be themselves without having any hidden agenda.”