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WhatsApp Beta Bugs Show More Time Needed For An Update

A few days ago we talked about the annoying bug found on WhatsApp Beta related to the section of the emoji used recently, which periodically empties without any reason. In the last few hours, others have emerged.

The bugs reported by users of WhatsApp Beta for Android are united by the family of build  2.20.200. Let’s go and see them together in detail:

  • Sudden crashes of the Storage Usage section, possibly due to features under development for this section. The bug should have been fixed as of build
  • With the build, several users have seen themselves expelled from some of their personal chat groups, without any reason and without any action by the administrators. However, the expulsion would only be fictitious: checking the information of the group in fact this does not appear from the list of participants.
  • The shortcuts for chats on the home screen return the error message regarding the absence of an app to open the shortcut, which would be WhatsApp itself. The bug should have been fixed with the latest beta builds.
  • Problems displaying the background once an image or video is accessed (you have an example in the gallery below ).

The bugs just described may have already been fixed with the new builds of WhatsApp Beta. We personally found that with the emptying of the recent emoji section and crashes by accessing Storage usage in the app settings have not yet been resolved. Let us know the ones you encountered.

It might take a little more time for WhatsApp to be stable and release the WhatsApp global update with new features and performance settings as these bugs have not yet been resolved.