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WhatsApp In A Testing Phase Of Multi-device Support

WhatsApp has now started the next test phase for so-called multi-device support. This will allow the popular messenger to be linked to one account on multiple devices in the future, but that’s not all that is planned for now.

Using WhatsApp on multiple devices currently only works with a smartphone and the web interface for the PC with restrictions. You can only use one of the devices at a time and have to log in again and again. For months now, WhatsApp’s plan has been haunted by the media that multi-device support will soon be started. Then you could link your account to several devices and basically use them in parallel.

Links are already visible as an option, but not activated

New details are now available from WhatsApp Beta Info, namely about the logins for several devices. In the beta version for Android, the magazine had discovered that there was a new section “Linked devices”, which refers to the registration on multiple devices. You can use up to four devices at the same time.

Sync across all devices

This means that the entire chat logs and the chat history can be viewed across devices. This sync process should also be completely end-to-end encrypted – otherwise, that would be a data protection problem. An internet connection is also not required for all linked devices. For example, the main device does not need to be online to view messages on a linked device. WhatsApp is still working on these details.

However, it is still unclear when the first public beta phase will begin. In any case, users have been waiting for it for a long time. In the latest beta versions, there were always new references to the new feature. It’s just not activated yet, so you can’t try it out yet. That should change soon, according to WhatsApp Bete Info, the developers are now in the hot phase before the start. WhatsApp is currently also working on a new wallpaper option with which you can individualize each chat.

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