WhatsApp CEO referred to Telegram as “Russian spyware”

A heated debate has been initiated regarding Telegram. Since WhatsApp official claims that Telegram is unsafe. He remarked that the app could serve as spyware for the Russian government. WhatsApp and Telegram have been in conflict for some years now. Both companies tend to question the privacy and data security of their respective platforms. The rivalry and conflict  between the two platforms has proved to be quite helpful for both the platform as well as the users.

But now, the WhatsApp CEO, has come forward with some serious allegations against Telegram. Recently, an article was shared on Wired. The article indicates that Telegram is controlled by the Kremlin. In this perspective, Will Cathcart,  the CEO of WhatsApp added that the platform doesn’t even offer end-to-end encryption by default. In fact, the feature is not even presented in group chats. He added that the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) protocols of Telegram are unable to be verified on individual basis. He stated that Telegram is deprived of real transparency that has been adopted by many other companies.

In addition to this, Cathcart mentioned that the APIs of Telegram are used for mass surveillance. The claim by the CEO of WhatsApp was supported by an investigator Jordan Wildon, at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Since he acknowledged the perspective with his claim. He stated that any user who is in 2-mile radius can be located if he turns on his location.

The official concluded his words by stating that users must stop using the Telegram. It might appear to be a friendly suggestion. But in reality, WhatsApp itself failed at protecting the data of its users. since recently, a data breach affected almost 500 million users.

Telegram reacts to Wired and WhatsApp CEO assertions

In response to the recent accusations, the Dubai-based platform has made an announcement. The spokesperson of Telegram states that the article from wired as well as allegations by WhatsApp CEO are based on errors. The platform has identified nine errors in the article. The company stated that the editorial team has overlooked the Telegram’s responses.

Telegram mentions that location tracing via API is only possible in cases when a user shares his location publicly. The platform states that Telegram’s protocol is verified by a team from the University of Udine. Furthermore, Telegram also recommends users check the authentication keys’ fingerprints. It can be done through a safe external channel to guarantee the privacy of secret chats.