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WhatsApp group video calling feature is rolled out

WhatsApp announced its group video calling feature in May, the company said it will bring in the new feature of group video calling to the platform soon.

The company has confirmed now its WhatsApp group video calling feature live, the company has already started rolling out the feature which will reach the masses globally soon. According to WhatsApp, the feature is live now and will reach users on IOS and Android soon,

The feature will allow users to have a group chat with up to 4 people simultaneously without the restrictions on location.

WhatsApp said the company has built the feature which will perform under average network conditions, as long as you are online just like on WhatsApp chat you will be able to use the group video calling feature easily.

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WhatsApp also ensured the security in video calls, the calls are end-to-end encrypted just like the WhatsApp messages. The company already has a huge user base, it reached 1.5 billion active users this year, after the launch of a new group video calling feature the company also expects to attract more users to the platform. The company first launched its voice calling feature in 2014, and video calling in 2016, now it has users who spend almost 2 billion minutes per day on call.

WhatsApp has been updating the app and its features regularly, the company has introduced delete message features in April, restrict group features in May, new forwarded message label to curb fake news problem in July.