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UBER announced to halt the development of self-driving trucks

One of the most popular ride-hailing companies, UBER has announced to halt the development of the self-driving trucks that have been used to haul cargo on the United States’ highways.

UBER took this decision because the ride-hailing company wants to focus its self-driving technology exclusively on cars.

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UBER had started the self-driving programme in 2016 with the collaboration of a team in San Francisco, a city in American State California. The company had successfully delivered the world’s first commercial shipment later 2016 through the self-driving truck service.

The details said that the self-driving truck drove almost 193 kilometers along a highway in Colorado carrying container full of Budweiser beer.

The company’s Advanced Technologies Group’s website said that the company initiated the self-driving truck service to revamp the safety of the cargo trucks and improve the efficiency of the trucking industry.

“We believe that having our entire team’s input, energy and expertise focused on the self-driving cars in the best path for us in the future,” Eric Meyhofer, the head of the Advanced Technologies Group said.

However, the company had avoided immediate answers to the further questions asked by the media.

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