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WhatsApp may be developing a plethora of new features, including Group Events

One of the best options for messaging apps for Android is WhatsApp. It might lack certain features that are a part of other competitor apps but it is being updated with time. The company is reportedly, working on several features like group events, default media upload quality, status updates, and others.

The ability to create events in groups is something WhatsApp is working on, and it can be useful in a lot of situations. According to TheSpAndroid report, events can be created within groups of communities as well as regular groups. Additionally, events can be made to plan audio and video calls, and a link will be sent out so that group members can join.

According to information, the details of the events like the title, description, date, location, and others can be edited as well. It can be edited only by the person who created the event. The “edited” text for the event will be visible to all attendees, and they will be informed of the changes.

It might be difficult to keep things organized in groups because different members may create different events. It appears like there will be a specified Events view section on the Group Info page. Users can view all the events in a chronological order from the dedicated Events view page within this section.

It goes without saying that group members can RSVP for events you create. The names of the group members participating and those who haven’t responded yet will be included in the event information when the feature launches.

The group members who wish to join the event will be reminded about it. To share reminders, WhatsApp will make use of Android’s “Alarms and Reminders” permission. Users could also add the event to their calendar app using the “Add to Calendar” option just below the date. You will also see a “View on Map” option if you have selected an event location. Event organizers will also have the ability to cancel events. If this is the case, the event will be visibly marked as canceled using strikethrough text and red labels.

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