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WhatsApp New Picture-in-Picture Mode Launched

WhatsApp has launched a new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for its Android users. For a few months now, the new feature was being tested and now it has been launched. Android users can download it via Google PlayStore.

PiP mode basically allows you to watch videos on WhatsApp in a box that are balanced somewhere over the chat window. This saves you from opening multiple tabs on the recent button. Usually, when a user clicks on a video link sent by the sender on WhatsApp, a new app opens to show that video. With PiP mode, no new tab will open, the video would be seen within the chat window.

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This new mode will operate on third-party video apps that include Insta, Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube. The platform logo and blurred thumbnail will confirm you whether the PiP mode is supported on the app or not. If the logo is there, it means the PiP mode will work. Tap on the link or the thumbnail and enjoy the video within the chat window.

Initially the PiP mode appeared on the WhatsApp beta. It was tested, slight changes were made before it was officially launched.

Some other features that are being tested on WhatsApp beta are Swipe to Reply, Consecutive Voice messages, QR codes along with a Group Calling Shortcut.