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WhatsApp plans: attachments up to 2 GB, group conversations with 32 participants

In recent weeks, there have been leaks showing upcoming new WhatsApp features. Now, straight from the messenger service itself, there’s an interesting preview of what’s to come. WhatsApp Messenger has presented its plans for major changes to the apps. For example, the Facebook service will introduce fundamental new features such as “Communities” designed to help organizations, schools, clubs, and businesses communicate with their members.

This is shown by an example that: TechCrunch online magazine has published. Communities are essentially private groups, administrators can invite members to join, connect to an existing group, or create a new group. An important aspect of communities is the protection of the phone number so that other users cannot see the number.

Increased limit for attachments

Another major change coming soon is the removal of the previous attachment size limit. WhatsApp increases the file size limit for attachments to 2 GB. The app currently allows sharing of media such as video, audio, and photos up to 16MB and documents up to 100MB. Because of these limitations, the videos shared through the app are often in SD resolution or lower. The increase in file size will therefore benefit all users.

Larger Group Conversations

Group conversations on WhatsApp have an unusual limit so far: while you can make calls within a group, the number of participants is limited to the first 7 people to answer the call. In the next step, WhatsApp now wants to support group conversations for up to 32 participants with end-to-end encryption.

Admins can delete more easily

To effectively fight spam, fake news, and insults, WhatsApp is making it easier for administrators to remove unwanted messages from the chat. However, it is not known when WhatsApp will start with the new features.

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