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WhatsApp Status Feature Users Outnumbered Snapchat Users

The 161 million users of Snapchat stories are given a tough competition by the ever growing users of Whatsapp Status which have now reached to 175 million.

A couple of months ago Whatsapp followed the concept of Snapchat stories and introduced a feature in its app called as Whatsapp Status. This Status feature was similar to Snapchat stories in the sense that in both applications users can upload videos which last for 24 hours.

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The audience of Whatsapp is huge, diverse and much more compared to Snapchat. Many of the users were alien to the concept of “stories being shared for a single day” until Whatsapp introduced “Whatsapp Status” option. This also explains the fact that how rapidly the operators of Whatsapp Status have surpassed those of Snapchat stories.

The users comfortable with Snapchat stories are not going anywhere. The challenge for  Snapchat would be how they would be able to gauge more users when Whatsapp, being the more popular application, is offering similar feature.

Whatsapp status be like: Hey there, im using snapchat! #whatsapp #WhatsappUpdate #WhatsappStatus

The tweet shows that even though users of Whatsapp status can increase but Snapchat would always be the pioneer of this concept.


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