Delhi: University Considering Facebook To Be Added In Syllabus

Professors at the University of Delhi are considering Facebook to be part of professional studies.

Facebook is a social giant used by nearly 2 billion people around the world. People use Facebook according to their interests, some use it as a business marketing tool, some people use it for political debates and some for entertainment. Regardless of the usage and interests, Facebook is the best way to connect to people across the world.

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The University of Delhi has another viewpoint, according to Hindustan times; Facebook has the potential to gain overnight popularity for rising artists and writers. Talented artists can use Facebook to become more and more popular in no time.

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Teaching Facebook in non-academic professional studies would provide an edge to professional, becoming viral on Facebook is an art that has to be learned, and how to reach more people and engage them is another art which should be taught. Similarly, how to write posts and use them to highlight your profession is something that can be learned and taught, says University representative while talking to the Indian news agency.

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Delhi University is not the first one to think about adding Facebook in professional studies, UK’s University of Salford is already teaching professional M.Sc. Courses in Social media management and digital marketing where Facebook is an integral part of studies.