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WhatsApp Testing Feature “Restricted Groups” For Silencing the Group Members

WhatsApp is said to be engaged with the testing of a new feature that would prevent the group members other than the group admin from sending any new or further messages on the group.

According to The Independent, the feature was noticed in the beta versions of the app made for iOS and Android users. The new feature is termed as “Restricted Groups”. The update would force the group members to play the role of silent spectators to all the messages sent by the group admin. Only the group admins would have the authority of activating this feature.

Restricted Groups prevents all types of chats between non-admins, from sharing images, or text messages or locations or videos. Admins would have free reign and would not be restricted in any way by this option.

Non-admins could message the group admins directly using the button of “Message Admin”, which would then transfer their messages to the group’s admin. The message could be posted in the group but only after the approval of the group admin.

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As every feature holds, this feature also has good side and downside, depending solely on its use. The most significant advantage of the feature would be that group admins would be able to keep the important information highlighted and it could be prevented from getting overlooked by further messages. However, this feature would suppress the rights of group members of having their opinions conveyed on any topic.

Critically, the feature could only be altered once after every seventy-two hours meaning three days in a row, which means that the non-admins would face the panorama of being silenced for days.

It could not be said with clarity that whether the messaging app would be providing any flexibility to the feature before its final and official launch or not.

The feature could be tested now by logging in to the beta version of WhatsApp.

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