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NASA Designed Indestructible Tyres That Never Get Flat

NASA has designed a tyre that would never get flat and is almost everlasting.

At space the regular air-filled tyres made of rubber were used but, because of uncertain conditions, the tyres used to get flat. NASA then incorporated the use of metal wheels provided with steel springs for its moon transportation, but this solution was not a permanent one as steel springs face degradation and deform with the passage of time.

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For countering these issues NASA used the concept of spring wheel, however with modern materials engineering. The new metal spring wheels were manufactured using Nickel-titanium alloy in place of steel. These newly created wheels by the NASA’s material engineers provide advance transportation ease over the different rough and extra-terrestrial lands.

As per the reports of BGR the new material lets the atoms re-arrange themselves when the tyre is put under pressure so it is prevented from losing shape and deformation. The procedure is called “shape memory alloy” which means that the tyres could face deformation endlessly and the ability to get back to its original state quickly.

Santo Padula—Material Scientist informed that the deformation could be done till the axle and still the original shape could be attained again, which was never even a possibility for the prevailing metal system.

The tyres are designed and meant to be used for the transportation in outer-space, however, it could still be used on Earth. If the tyre is coated with high friction material it would be getting a stronger grip with no chances of getting flat.

Colin Creager—an engineer exclaimed that this technology could be used for any application that involves driving off the road and the risks of flat and punctured tyres are high, like the military vehicles. He also added that he would be delighted to see this technology being used in the making of passenger automobiles.

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