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WhatsApp voice calls will soon be updated latest feature

Since WhatsApp has been introduced on our devices, it has really taken over some important features permanently. Like our normal phone calls, they are replaced by WhatsApp calls. While using the WhatsApp call screen, we have access to all other features that wouldn’t be possible with a normal call. These WhatsApp calls are just like chats that can be entered and exited easily. As with the recent community updates, WhatsApp is planning to add some interesting features to its voice calls, especially the grouped ones. WhatsApp is planning to add a new feature called ‘audio chats” that will most likely be like voice chats.

WhatsApp Audio chats

WABetaInfo was able to detect the latest feature in audio calls available in the beta version of WhatsApp. A new icon symbolising waves is present in place of the call log in WhatsApp group chats. By tapping on this button, you’ll be led to a menu where you can choose between open audio chats and call groups. Along with this new feature, which is currently not operational, a new user interface was attached.During an audio chat, the bar at the top is expanded to take the form of a button containing an option for ending the call. We hope that WhatsApp is preparing this feature along with more options available on the screen’s top.

Although WABetaInfo doesn’t have any additional details on the feature, the way it’s currently configured lends itself to some conjecture. It’s probable that the function is intended to be a discrete way to join and leave group chats with friends and coworkers, like Twitter Spaces, Slack Huddles, or Discord’s voice chats. WhatsApp’s naming strategy suggests that it will function similarly to the other options, especially Discord. This is also suggested by the Phone Group option’s continued availability. Since voice and video calls work by ringing your phone continuously until you join, audio chats would provide a different experience.

We have a rough idea of what the features will be like. We hope that it will be available to us soon. This latest update is under development for now, and we can’t know when it’s going to be available. It might be cancelled even before launching.

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