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Some parts of Twitter’s source code were leaked online

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According to information from the US District Court for the Northern District of California, some parts of Twitter’s source code have been leaked to online sources.

This matter was initially reported by the New York Times; this leaked information was visible on an internet hosting service for software development known as GitHub. This leaked information contains contents from Twitter’s source code along with all the crucial information regarding the software that is a source to fuel the platform and make it work.

This leak of information was detected by Twitter last Friday. Twitter has taken legal action regarding this matter, and a copyright infringement notice was immediately sent to GitHub along with a demand that the content be removed from the website.

Although the request was considered, the content was removed from the website. But the fact that this code has been there for several months may have caused the credentials to be leaked already.

Twitter is putting up a lot of effort in finding the person who has leaked the information along with the person who may have downloaded this code.

If the code is actually leaked, it may make the platform vulnerable to hackers. They can use this information to access important information regarding the platform. This might result in the site being offline, along with the risk of stealing users’ information and selling it to other resources.

As reported by The New York Times, there’s a possibility that this information leak source could include the employees that were cut from the company during layoffs performed by the new owner of the company, Elon Musk. As we can observe all the hikes the company has been through during the last few months, there could be a chance that one of those employees who were laid off is involved in this matter.

Source code is a top target for hackers because of its enormous relevance. Despite businesses’ best efforts to keep it secure, there have been numerous instances where criminals were successful in stealing the valuable code. Just in the past year or two, hackers have stolen source code from Microsoft, Samsung, and LastPass, to name a few.

Nevertheless, in the instance of Twitter, some of its source code was merely put online, making it accessible to everybody.

Now that the incident has occurred, Twitter and its community of more than 230 million daily active users across the world will be watching and waiting to see if it causes any significant problems for the social media network.

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