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WhatsApp Went Down Yesterday Around The World


Anyone who has failed to contact friends with WhatsApp Messenger in the last few hours need not worry about their own abilities. The service itself was subject to a disruption almost worldwide.

Late yesterday evening there was a sudden reporting of problems. On the popular social media platforms, users reported that they could not receive any new messages and that their own messages did not reach the recipients. This was not limited to a specific region, reports of the disruption came from almost all over the world.

This is particularly important because WhatsApp is by far the largest messenger platform in the world and connects over two billion users. According to a report of colleagues from Neowin ran on the platform down Detector 71,000 fault reports from Great Britain came up within a very short time. The situation was similar in the rest of Europe, in the USA, India, and Pakistan. The platform in Germany AlleStprechen.de also recorded a massive peak of error messages from users.

No explanation from the operator

The reason for the disturbance and downtime is not yet clear. Problems are usually limited to certain regions since different data centers are used worldwide to operate the service and the respective users mainly communicate with one another in their respective areas. Sending messages to other continents makes up a rather small part of the message volume.

The disruption lasted comparatively briefly. One could, therefore, assume that it was just a configuration error that affected the distribution of the data and could be corrected relatively quickly. Ultimately, clarity can only bring a statement from the parent company Facebook, which is still pending.

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