WhatsApp will enhance your chats with the help of generative AI

The rapid advancements and adoption of AI suggest that it is not going anywhere; rather, it will slowly and gradually take on its lead. Like other companies, WhatsApp is also eager to adopt generative AI features. As per a recent report from WABetaInfo, users could soon utilize AI to create stickers for chats. Well, the new feature is under beta testing, and we know that not every feature that enters beta testing makes it public. In any case, it appears likely that the business will push this to the stable version given how explosive the AI boom has been.

WhatsApp and AI-generated stickers

Stickers have become an important part of conversations. Sometimes they just precisely convey our emotions and feelings. However, sometimes we fail to find the stickers that match our preferences best. Despite the fact that we have access to a ton of stickers, they are not enough.

Well, this gap could be soon filled by generative AI. The new feature was spotted in WhatsApp beta version As per the shared information, a banner appears on top of the keyboard when the Sticker section is accessed from the keyboard. The “Try it” text is displayed in green as a prompt for you to create your own sticker. Under that, there is a Create button with the well-known sparkle icon, which has come to represent generative AI.

Clicking on this will take you to a new page. Fill in what you desire to create. As a result, a sticker will appear. Currently, there is no information on when the new feature will be available to the general public. As of now, it is under testing with only a handful of users.

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