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For status updates, WhatsApp is introducing a Like button patterned like Instagram

WhatsApp has been continuously upgraded with modern features like channels, communities, status updates, and others. Some of the features available on Meta’s messaging app come from other Meta platforms like Instagram. Currently, the company is testing several new features with beta testers. These include AI photo editing tools, Instagram account linking, and contact tagging in status updates. all indicate that the firm wants to make it difficult to distinguish between the two apps. These suspicions are confirmed by the most recent feature under development.

Currently, users can respond to status updates with a text or selected emojis. Compared to WhatsApp, Instagram features a Like button just beside the reply bar. Users can respond by clicking on the heart emoji which is quite easier. It appears like WhatsApp is attempting to successfully move the Like button for status reactions to WhatsApp while keeping it largely unaltered.

A like button just adjacent to the Reply bar appears in version of the app. WhatsApp employs green for its iconography, in contrast to Instagram, which uses white lines. This button appears to be completed and on the verge of release.

In addition to this, WhatsApp is taking things a step further by adding emoji replies to media shared in chats that resemble those on Instagram. Presently, before reacting to media in chats, users must exit the full-screen preview. Following this, they are required to click and hold on to the image and react by selecting one of the already available emoji options or choosing any other from the full list. Emoji reactions aren’t included in the full-screen previews for files in chats, in contrast to status updates.

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