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Why Trade Show Exhibits Triumph Over Digital Marketing

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Businesses are always up for new ways to connect with their customers. There are times when advertisements, social media, or over-the-phone connections do not cut. Now, more and more entrepreneurs are exploring the idea of joining trade show exhibits to increase their brand’s presence in the market.

During these exhibits, trade show booth design is all the rave. Companies need to capture the eyes of their prospective customers to make them walk over to the business stalls. In this line of business, the more attendees to approach the stand, the higher the leads for the company.

However, corporations who are going to participate for the very first time might find trade shows without value. Here are a few reasons why trade shows are worth budgeting for:

Trade Secrets

Most of the time, businesses who enter trade show exhibits are part of a particular industry. For example, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest gadget show in Las Vegas. In 2018, there were at least 116,958 attendees of the show.

By joining these trade shows, entrepreneurs might pick up a trade secret or two from their competitors. From execution to brand history, there is always something to learn from others which might help with your company’s operations.

Additional Sales

For marketers, attending trade shows to sell their products might profit from it. 49% of the trade show attendees are initially attracted to the event because of what industry is on exhibit, and next, because they are interested in buying something.

For businesses to entice consumers to purchase from their stores, they have to spend on activations. It includes the stalls, flyers, giveaways, and other gimmicks to call the attention of their buyers.

First and foremost, their trade show booth design must be captivating to capture the interests of their buyers. It must stand out from the rest and introduce your brand but do not overkill so that prospective customers would feel intimidated to approach.

Meet Industry Legends

At least 46% of trade show attendees have high positions in their own companies. For some, it is an opportunity to sell your products and services to the executives.

These big bosses are usually busy and can get very difficult to get a hold of when there are no events. Also, most of the time, these are the decision-makers, so make the most of it.

For others, it is the perfect opportunity to meet your idols or would-be idols. Trade show exhibits are the ideal time to know a little bit about them and how they fared with their own companies.

Do as the Big Shots Do

In a study by B2B magazine, it showed that companies are spending at least 7.2% more than their usual budget to give way to trade show exhibits. Businesses cited its events as the next most significant area of media that they allot money for, next to digital marketing.

Hence, today is the best day for companies to allot some budget to trade shows. Not only does it expose their names and products to potential clients, but it helps them increase awareness of their brands. Yes, social media is there; it’s easy and profitable. Still, nothing beats meeting your customers and knowing them face-to-face. It shows sincerity on your part, and for them to experience the product first before they shell out some money.

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