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Why you should not charge the mobile battery to 100%

One of the elements that degrade the most in Android smartphones are the batteries and for this reason, it is recommended to perform a series of actions to increase their useful life of these. One of the recommendations that experts give us to extend the life of our mobile battery is not charging it to 100% but as it may be that you are not clear about the reason for this advice, then we are going to explain why you should not charge the mobile battery to 100%. Charging your mobile battery to 100% reduces its useful life.

These are the reasons why you should not charge your mobile battery to 100%

First of all, you have to understand that a charge cycle takes place when charging your mobile battery from 0 to 100% and that it has certain charging cycles. Once these cycles are exceeded, the battery will begin to wear out and, therefore, will start to lose autonomy and will not last as long as at the beginning.

This degradation occurs to the movement and accumulation of electrons that take place in batteries while they are being charged and although the lithium batteries of smartphones are always going to wear out since it is something that is inherent in their nature, it is possible to extend its useful life by reducing its load cycles.

To achieve this, what you will have to do is maintain the charge of the mobile battery between 20 and 80%, and for this, you will have to charge the mobile only up to 80% since, in this way, it will be necessary to carry out several charges for a complete battery cycle to be carried out and, therefore, it will take longer to consume the charging cycles of your smartphone’s battery. How to check the battery health of your Android mobile.

In the Google Play Store, you can find a wide variety of apps that will help you with this task, but the best we’ve tried so far is Accubattery, a free application that you can configure to notify you when the battery charge of your mobile reaches 80% and which, in addition, allows you to know as much the load cycles that you have consumed as the state of the battery in general.