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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 updating to One UI Watch 4.5, here are the top 3 features

One UI Watch 4.5 is already coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. These are its main new features.

Once I know have revealed both the design and the main features of the new Samsung smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro the Korean giant is focusing its efforts on preparing the software for your new generation of smartwatches. A good proof of this is that we just met, thanks to the specialized medium SamMobile that the Korean firm is upgrading millions of Samsung Galaxy Watch to One UI Watch 4.5.The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 begin to receive One UI Watch 4.5. Next, we will detail the best features of the new version of One UI Watch, the operating system for smartwatches from Samsung.

A full QWERTY keyboard with the option to swipe to type

One of the main novelties that come with One UI Watch 4.5 is a new full QWERTY keyboard that has both swipes to type and dictation and handwriting. In addition, this new version of One UI Watch also allows you to change the keyboard input method quickly and easily.

A more customizable home button and improvements to temporary feature settings

One UI Watch 4.5 has also improved the functionality of the home button, which can now be configured to switch between the watch functions you use most. Another novelty included in the new version of One UI Watch is the possibility of adjusting the length of time that temporary functions, such as volume or notifications, appear on the screen.

More watch face customization options

One UI Watch 4.5 also includes more watch faces and new customization options like the ability to add your favorite watch faces to a list of favorites that are saved in quick access. In this way, you can directly access your favorite watch faces, with no need to browse your entire watch face collection.

Dual SIM support

Finally, One UI Watch 4.5 launches dual SIM support so that when you go to make a call from the watch you can choose which line you want to do it with or select a preferred SIM on your Galaxy smartphone so that all calls go through that. But not only that, because, in addition, the new version of One UI Watch has a new interface that shows you which SIM are you using in the watch.