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WikiLeaks: NSA hacked Mobilink the largest mobile network in Pakistan

WikiLeaks: Hacked Mobilink, the largest mobile network in Pakistan

In a recent WikiLeaks disclosure, NSA hacked into Mobilink, the largest mobile network in Pakistan. The report also revealed that thousands of IP addresses are also under surveillance.

While talking over a phone, have you ever thought if your calls are being tapped? People often ignore such things by saying that they aren’t spies or terrorists and don’t fear such intrusion.

No doubt this statement stands correct. If you aren’t talking terrorists’ language, you don’t fear. But then there’s a right given by the law – freedom of speech – which lets anyone ask why’d anyone tap their calls?

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One such event has recently been disclosed when WikiLeaks revealed that National Security Agency (NSA) is secretly hearing calls though the largest mobile network in Pakistan; Mobilink.

‘Shadow Brokers’, the famous hacker’s group released a series of encrypted files. These files were decrypted by many researchers and one of them is ‘x0rz’.

The source tells that NSA has found a backdoor to access Mobilink. The security agency tried to invade the network seeking anti-terrorism activities.

The decrypted files also showed signs of NSA’s intrusion using PTCL router. Through this activity, the agency got an access to hack into tons of public and private networks.

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Investigating further, sources also lead to insecure communication lines both used by the public and military of Pakistan. All these hacking are done by using malware including FOXACID and SECONDDATE.

Once part of NSA, Edward Snowden has been leaking NSA’s hidden activities. Edward strongly believes that every person has a right to speak. And he intends to unveil NSA’s secretive activities to empower every nation, every person.

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