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Wikipedia Community Says No to Cryptocurrency Donations

Wikipedia regularly asks for donations. These are also important, as the free encyclopedia provides important services. The Wikimedia Foundation isn’t squeamish about “begging” either, but they are allowed to draw a line when it comes to cryptocurrencies – at the request of the community.

While cryptocurrencies are one of the really big issues of our time, these digital payment methods are also heavily criticized. In particular, the often devastating environmental balance of Bitcoin and Co. is criticized. That was also the main point of a question or request from about 200 renowned Wikipedia authors to the operator’s foundation.

Crypto opponents…

Several arguments for a ban on cryptocurrencies were summarized, especially questions about environmental sustainability. It is feared that the adoption of cryptocurrencies could be an implicit endorsement of the problems surrounding cryptocurrencies. The community sees a risk to Wikipedia’s reputation by accepting cryptocurrencies. Infographic Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT & Co.: When crypto meets sport

…and supporters

There were also opponents of a crypto ban, saying there were also low-energy cryptocurrencies and coins also allowed people in oppressed countries to donate. Moreover, crypto donations are only a small part anyway: last year only $130,000 was raised this way, a total of $150 million – that is a share of less than 0.1 percent.

However, the vast majority of nearly 400 voting users voted for a ban. 232 members of the Wikipedia community, or 71.17 percent, were in favor of such a ban, while 94 were against it. While this decision is not mandatory for the Wikimedia Foundation, it is said that this vote will be looked into. Like ars Technica reported, the Wikipedia operators said: “We are aware of the community’s request to the Foundation to consider no longer accepting cryptocurrency donations. Our fundraising team is reviewing the request and related discussions and we will follow up to give.” Provide information once this process is complete.